Thursday, March 25, 2010

A quick update and more people who rock

I was happy to finally get out today and put in a fast eight mile run.  I feel pretty good but I would be happier if I had been able to train a little harder over Ithe last two weeks.  As I have mentioned before my family life is in a bit of turmoil so it has taken most of my strength just to keep from curling up in the fetal position and sobbing like a 6 year old girl.

I hesitate to say it but I think that things may be starting to improve (slightly) so maybe the last 3 weeks will be productive.  I still hope to get in my 16 mile run before it gets too late.

One thing that is going a little better is my fund raising.  Donations have been coming in fairly steadily and that means it is time to acknowledge some people who rock.

First off, I need to make a couple of corrections to the last list of people who rock.  Number one I erroneously spelled my niece's name wrong.  It's Jenny not Jennie.  It is important to point out here that she said nothing to me about this.  I just realized that I am an idiot and I need the whole world to know about it.  Secondly, I said that Pattie Corbin was a friend of my wife from high school.  They actually knew each other from college.. You may ask who gives a crap and to that I will say ...meh...I don 't know and I don't care.

Now do you know who rocks?  Well I have a cousin and her name is Karen Wright and she is married to Jeff, the biggest Boston Celtic fan that I have ever met and here is how much Karen rocks.  Not only did she donate to my run but due to her inability to properly post  a comment on facebook she was able to turn a cryptic status update into a plea for donations.  The plea worked and I received donations from her friends Carrie Kerpen, Jenna Lebel and the last name-less Christine.  Do realize what this means?  That's right these people rock!

Next up is an old business collegue named Eric Ferguson and his wife Cindy.  I've never met Cindy but I do know that Eric rocks so I am sure that Cindy does as well.

I was recently in a play called Two Into One and I had a co-star named Pamela PinterParsons and as it turns out, she rocks.

And while we are talking about co-stars, I was once in a production of Plaza Suite with a lovely woman named Rose-Marie Lyon and coincidently she rocks as well.

Another theater group friend that rocks is the ever beautiful Ilene Hamm.

There is a family in my home town named the Farringtons.  That would be Geoff and Amy and they most definately rock.

Two of my closest friends are Angie and Joe (or is it still Joey) Correia and I knew that they rocked a long time ago and now you know too.

I mentioned my niece Jenny earlier and because she donated to my run I am going to mention her again and I am going to mention that she (and her alter ego Toothpick Girl) rocks.

Finally, although my sister-in-law Julie has stated, on my donation page, that I rock I feel it is my responsibility to point out that she is wrong.  It is not me who rocks but it is her.  And make no mistake about it she ROCKS!

Thanks to all of these people who donated.  I do really appreciate it and they really do ROCK.

If you would like to donate please do so here and you will rock as well.

Til next time...

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