Wednesday, March 10, 2010

People who Rock!

Before I get to my list of people who rock, I want to say that yesterday was among the top 10 of wierd days for me.  I won't go into the specifics just yet but I might have more details next week.

Now...I wanted to take a moment to recognize several people who absolutely rock.  As you know I am running in the Boston Marathon this year to raise money for NF Inc. Northeast.  I am suppose to raise $3,000 dollars in return for NF Inc NE getting me a number and paying my entrance fee.  This is always a difficult task because, quite frankly, I don't have a lot of rich friends.  This year has proven to me more difficult because, let's face it, nobody has a lot of extra cash lying around.

Which is why I want to recognize some people for reaching into their wallets, their purses, under their mattresses or into that jar buried in the back yard and donating.  Their generosity means so much to Kristen and I and I never really get a chance to thank them to here goes.

First off the are the local friends:

The Fischers
The Lanes - Dawn and Dave (Dawn, I will be expecting that shrimp casserole)
The Berminghams - Matthew and Patti
Sally Madison
and our old Eden Street friends Terri and Dominic Rizzo (and I haven't forgot about Vito either)

You guys ROCK!!

Next are our families

My mom who always rocks
as do my mother and father-in-law who rock harder than almost anyone I know
My sister-in-law Bethie and her husband Mark who have rocked as long as I have known them
My brother Jim who can't help but rock
My sister Mindy and her bongo playing boyfriend Bill who do nothing but rock
My other sister-in-law Julie, her husband Jim and their two rockin' kids Maddelini and Toothpick Girl Jennie. This is a whole family that rocks.

..and finally here are some random people who also rock

Dawn Anderson who is a talented director that rocks
Jesse Stearns - An old friend from my Gillette Stadium days (you guessed it...he rocks)
Eric Harrop - One of the few co-workers that I still keep in touch with (and I'm glad I do because he rocks)
My old collegue Mark Warsofsky from one of the best trucking companies around, M & M Transport Services
Cheryl Skeates who is a friend from a million years ago when we were both in high school and she rocks so much that even the fact that we haven't seen each other in 17 years she still donated.
Patti Corbin who is a person that I don't know and she doesn't know me but she was a friend of my wife from high school.  Now that rocks!

I can't thank these people enough for their support and their generosity.  I am going to continue to thank people as we get closer and closer to the marathon. (and hopefully get more and more donations)

If you are a person who rocks and you would like everyone to know about it please donate to my marathon run.  You can donate by credit card online by going here.  Or you can donate by a check made payable to the following:

NF Inc. Northeast
9 Bedford Street
Burlington, MA 01803

Please note on your check that it is for my marathon run.  You can send it to another person that rocks so much that it's ridiculous, Karen Peluso who is the Executive Director of NF Inc NE.

Thanks for your support and for listening...

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