Thursday, April 12, 2012


$3,200 and counting!!!!  Thanks to everyone who helped achieve this goal.  I am deeply moved by the generosity I have seen from friends family and complete strangers.  It has inspired me to try even harder to achieve the second half of my goal which is to beat my old nemesis...the 5 hour mark. (Que sinister music)

It is now 5 days before the marathon and I would be lying to you if I said I wasn't worried.  Although I feel like my training has been going as good as could have hoped, a problem has arisen.  I have had a calf muscle that has been giving me grief for the last week and a half and although I have scaled waaaaayy back on my runs it is still refusing to feel normal.  I have heated it, iced it. elevated it, stretched it and even had Kristen knead it to within an inch of its life. (an act that was excruciating and yet I thought I heard Kristen chuckle as she was doing it)  However, I refuse to let it stop me.  I am going to show up in Hopkinton on Monday and do my best to make everyone proud.  I'm not sure why it should make a difference when I finish but I feel like I would be letting people down if I don't finish in less than 5 hours.  So I am going to say F it I'm going for it and calf muscle be damned!!!


Just a couple of quick things before I sign off tonight.  First Take a look at the two surveys that are to the right of this post.  One asks how quickly you think I will finish this year.  The other is about the most handsome man on the planet.  I will have you know as you take a look at that second one that as of this writing there have been two votes.  One person voted for me and I swear on a stack of bibles that it wasn't me.  I have no idea who it was.  The other vote was cast by my wife so you know you can be brutally honest with your vote.  Oh, and don't worry, I have know way of knowing how you voted.  The only reason I know my wife didn't vote for me is that she proudly told me.

Also,  this weekend is number pick up weekend.  This is when the Day family makes the trek into Boston to pick up my official number as well as my Boston Marathon shirt.  This year it is at the Seaport World Trade Center as is the Hancock Sports and Fitness Expo.  I always enjoy this but I don't know if I can say the same for my poor family.  I'll post a report about this on Saturday or Sunday.

My donations are STILL coming in and I am thrilled to death about that. Keep them coming!!! There will be one more installment of "People Who Rock" before the marathon so stay tuned for that.

Well I am off to have my leg brutalized again by Kristen.  I swear if I am able to finish this race in any kind of reasonable time it will be because of her.

Til next time...

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