Saturday, February 11, 2012

Time to set some goals

There are only 64 days left until the marathon and my training has been going very well.  I am pretty encouraged that I am getting out as often as my body will let me (Of course, not having to get up and go to a job certainly frees up a lot of my time) and the fact that I am tolerating longer and longer runs without any part of my body being sore for the next 4 days. With all that being said I thought it was time to set a couple of goals.

 First, my fundraising goal : The last time I ran the marathon I set a fundraising goal of $2,000 and I am proud to say that that goal was reached thanks the the unbelievable generosity of family, friends, friends of friends and, most amazingly, some complete strangers.  This year I am aiming even higher.  I want to raise at least $3,000.  This will be very difficult but I know that, with your help we can reach it.  If you are asking yourself why should you donate I say to you...take a look at this kid.

The big kid not the baby.
Max is just as awesome as he always has been and I would love to help stamp out NF in his lifetime.  So please please please give as much and as often as you can.

Now for my race goal.  My goal this year is the same as it was the last time I ran.  It is to finish the race in under 5 hours.  As a point of comparison my finishing times in my three previous marathons were

2008 - 5:55:20
2009 - 5:21:29
2010 - 5:33:20.

So needless to say shaving 22 minutes off my best time will be challenging (or damn near impossible) but I am going to do my level best to make it happen.

So there they are.  Two challenging but ultimately achievable goals that I have 64 days to accomplish.  As always I can't do it alone.  I need your help. 

Here are all of the links you will ever need to help me out.

Donate to my run
See what NF Inc Northeast is all about
Learn a little about my awesome son Max

Thanks for listening and if you see me running out on the street give me a honk and a wave...I love that shit.

Til next time...

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