Sunday, February 19, 2012


In lieu of actually having something of any substance to say I offer you the following things that I am pretty sure that I think:

  • I think that flags should fly at half staff ONLY for people who have actively served this country and not for celebrities that have wasted their talent and their lives in pursuit of their own interests
  • Happy Endings is one of the best sit-coms on TV right now
  • I will really miss Tim Wakefield.  I know he has got a ton of crap over the last few years for his declining effectiveness and consistency but when is the last time you saw a professional athlete stay with a single team for 17 years and be a class act throughout.
  • I don't think we HAVE to have an explanation for last year's collapse by the Red Sox as some radio stations are clamoring for.  If we get an explanation will that change anything?  Just win this year and all will be forgiven
  • is among the most ridiculous, misogynistic, juvenile websites that I have ever read and I can't stop checking in on it.  I am so ashamed of myself.
  • I will never, ever understand the appeal of watching over privileged "housewives" bitch about each other and how difficult their lives are on a daily basis. They should come and live my life for a month.
  • Will someone, for the love of all that is good and decent in the world, tell Geico that both the squealing pig and the caveman are the most annoying characters on television and I would not purchase their insurance solely because of those two add campaigns.
  • As long as I live I will never understand the world's love affair with soccer... or NASCAR.
  • Someone needs to tell the people over at ESPN that the dunk is really just a very routine shot and not every single one is worthy of a spot on their top plays.
  • Maybe it's the old man in me but I just don't get Twitter.  I have a Twitter account that my wife set up for me and I never use it.  Although I have been notified that I am being followed by several different girls that are apparently looking for a good time.
  • I am convinced that there is far more generosity and compassion in the world than we are led to believe by the media.  I have personal knowledge of this fact.
  • There are 56 days left until the marathon.  Have you donated yet?  If not, you should go here.  You will be glad you did.
  • Did Harry Potter actually do anything that he didn't end up with him getting bailed out by someone else?  I never cared much for the HP movies but every time Harry was in some kind of battle with the nose-less bad guy he never seems to actually win on his own.  As a matter of fact it seems like he always needed someone else to save his bacon and yet he is greeted by everyone as if he is some great wizardly badass.
That's all I got.  What do you think?

Til next time...

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