Sunday, January 22, 2012


So it snowed here yesterday.  It is funny to me how much your attitude toward snow changes as you get older.  I have a few kids (I'm not really sure how many at this point) and they were thrilled when they looked outside and saw the snow.  I, however, whined to myself  "I don't wanna go out in the cold and shovel".  There really is no time, in your adult life, that you are excited to see snow.  Unless you are one of those people that see the beauty and peace in the gently falling snow.  I hate those people.  I am so cynical and such a self involved bastard that as soon as I see accumulating snow one of my first thoughts is, I hope the kids don't want to go out .  Because as any parent can attest you will spend hours upon hours getting them out the door.  Especially when it is the first snow of the season because you can always count on the scavenger hunt for boots, snow pants, gloves, scarves, hats and coats. 

So you finally find everything and then you proceed to pack the first one into his snow gear like a Scandinavian sausage which includes tying his boots (although he has been able to tie his own shoes for several years) and zipping up his coat because, lets face it, no one can zip up their own coat with gloves on.  Now lather, rinse and repeat that for each one of your darling little arctic explorers.  After hours of hunting and dressing you are now free. Oh, you are not because no sooner have you pushed them out the door they are itching to come back in and shed their now soaking wet and snow covered crap all over your house.  Making it extremely inadvisable to walk anywhere in socks.  And lets face it, is there a worse first world problem than stepping into a cold puddle with socks on??

Anyway...because of the weather yesterday I decided that I would put in some time on the treadmill.  So I put on the Bruins game and began running in place for an hour.  According to the treadmill I did a little over 5 miles but I think it was further than that.  I'm convinced that the treadmill is deliberately shorting me on distance.  I know that sounds crazy but when I leave the room after I have run,  I swear I hear it laughing at me.  Also, to add insult to injury, for the first time ever, as I was running, I drifted too far off to the side and accidentally stepped on the rail and nearly snapped off my foot at the ankle...twice.  This time I am sure that it was laughing at me.

Til next time....GO PATRIOTS!!!!

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