Sunday, April 18, 2010

Number Pick-up Day

Yesterday was number pick up day at the Hynes convention Center in Boston so Kristen, the boys and I along with the Christensens all climbed aboard the green line and headed into the big city.  The Hynes on the weekend before the marathon is always an adventure.  Along with 25,000 runners picking up their numbers and shirts there is a sporting goods expo that can only be described as complete chaos.  Being the geniuses that we are we decided that it would be a good idea to wander through the expo with 5 kids who have dressed for the walk from t-stop to the Hynes (cold and drizzly).  When you get about 10,000 people in a single enclosed room it tends to be a tad warm so all of the sweatshirts that we made them where now are making them miserable. (and this doesn't even take into consideration the stress of having to keep track of 5 kids in that crowd) 

Now having said all of that I have to say that I love number pick up day.  I love going into Boston with the whole family and seeing the throngs of runners, all excited to be this close to the marathon and all excited to be taking a tangible step toward race day.  I can't really descibe or explain the charge I get out of the simple act of picking up my number.  It somehow just seems so....I don't know...exclusive?  I know that is a little counter intuitive because how can something that is done every year by 25,000 other people be an exclusive thing.  I don't know...maybe I'm just a dork.  Anyway...although this looks like it was taken at a police station here is a picture of Scotty, Max and I at the Hynes.

Not the best picture of any of us but what do you want for nothin'

Normally we would take the day to go to the swan boats or take in some other sights around Boston but yesterday was just a little too crappy, weather-wise.  But, we did take a walk down to the finish line as we always do only to find that Boyalston Street was still open and we couldn't get right at the finish line but we did get these pics.

The Days

                                                                      The Christensens

...and my personal favorite

How you Doin'?

Many, Many thanks to the Christensens for a fantastic day and a fantastic spaghetti dinner afterwords.  You guys are AWESOME.

There will probably be another post later today to update everyone on my fundraising goal.  You won't want to miss it.

Til next time...

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